Be someone who shares food with street dogs.
Be someone who holds the elevator door for a person.

Be someone who is not scared to initiate a conversation.

Be someone who counts twinkling stars instead of black clouds.

Be someone who helps a random person with weighty grocery bags.

Be someone who is strong enough to rise anew after every lost match.

Be someone who is not afraid to be chaotic, uncommon and imperfect.

Be someone who returns the borrowed book on time with a thank you note.

Be someone who captures and admires the candid moments of friends and family.

Be someone who empties their water bottle in a parched potted plant on a road side.

Be someone who is kind enough to put a grin on somebody’s face with small gestures.

Be someone who mends the spine of the library book and glues its pages before returning it.

And I am not challenging you to find someone with these traits. I am inviting you to be the one.




   you know what? this world is made up of each and every colour one could imagine. If any shade is taken away from this exquisitely painted masterpiece, the whole artwork would get disturbed. Anything and everything that confronts your eyesight is a blend of two or more or thousands of diverse colours mixed together. You, yourself is made up of a union of multiple colours. let it be there, don’t dare you to wipe off any colour from the palette. let’s appreciate the sheer beauty, let’s appreciate every colour, let’s accept it the way it is.


Handmade Greeting cards 

   When efforts are poured in, love and warmth is added with the essence of creativity and decorated with vibrant colours, your loved one is surely gonna feel your emotions and feelings. Make them feel special, greet them with a lovely handmade greeting card.   

At war with self

 No mastery over words that are distinct and out of the world,

still, I write, to grant a voice to my thoughts gone unheard.

 I don’t give a damn to what people say.

However, I do contemplate what they’ll perceive of my way.

 ‘Double faces’, no, I don’t have.

Yet, there are some emotions about which I don’t rave.

 I am strong enough to rise anew after a fall.

Nonetheless, at someone’s elbow, I yearn to curl and crawl.

 I want to lead a life on my wish and terms.

At every step, I seek support and consent. Am I not firm?

 resembling a book; scrounging a place on a shelf,

we are all at war with self.




You know, our body remains intact, it is timid, it doesn’t want to dwell in the places it desperately wants to go. But our soul, our soul is a wanderer in a true sense. It goes to the places it wants to go, it goes to the people whom it wants to meet. Don’t you fucking dare to stop it.

Try to fulfil all its desires, otherwise, one day, it will go and never return.